Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fitness In Room 10

WHAT: I have been involved in daily fitness.
SO WHAT: My favourite games to play in fitness is... Stingers, Bonus ball, Jump Jam, Break through and Tricky tag.
NOW WHAT: I would like to try survive a whole round in stingers.

Take A Stand And Lend A Hand

WHAT: we have been learning about " Take A Stand And Lend A Hand
SO WHAT: One of the things I have learnt is why people bully here are some reasons...

  • to be "cool"
  • to make the victim feel bad 
  • jealousy
  • family issues
NOW WHAT: I will now try to stop bullying when I see it.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

literacy week

This week is literacy week. On Thursday (today) we got to dress up as a space thing or a book character. I dressed up as Cat In The Hat, Summer dressed up as Sally (the little girl in Cat In The Hat), Georgia dressed up as Conrad (the little boy in Cat In The Hat), Bonnie dressed up as Thing 1, Tiara dressed up as Thing 2 and Natalia dressed up as Thing 3.

My asttle gap is spelling and vocabulary.