Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Monday morning

On Monday morning I woke up from the sun thinking that it was Sunday I looked at the time and date on my IPad it was Monday! I got up as fast as I could but I was still very slow.

I went to the lounge to say "Hi" and to grab my school clothes up to my room I went again then I got dressed.

Then I made my lunch it was a very boring lunch because all I had was two thing for morning tea,one thing for fruit break and one thing for lunch.Then I had breakfast two weetbix was all I had.

I ran over to the bathroom to brush my teeth I usually take forever but I was almost running late so I was very fast.

I got my Nanny to do my hair because she is very fast at doing my hair.

 Then finally put my shoes on then get my iPad and play MSP 

That is my Monday morning